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Title Date Description Reading Time
Testing Data Pipelines Sep 2, 2023 A post on how to test data pipelines 10 min
Storing secrets in JSON files Aug 30, 2023 a short post on showing how to use secrets in JSON files 6 min
Change Data Capture with Debezium, Kafka, S3 Aug 29, 2023 Using Debezium capture data changes and stream it downstream to consumers. 19 min
Building Data Pipeline - Part 4 - CI/CD Jun 13, 2023 Build CI/CD pipeline with Github actions 5 min
Terraform - Attach IAM policies to a role Jun 12, 2023 A short post on how to attach policies to an IAM role within Terraform 4 min
Building Data Pipelines - Part 3 - Terraform Jun 11, 2023 Manage AWS hosted web app with Terraform 9 min
Building Data Pipelines - Part 2 - AWS Cloud Jun 4, 2023 A post on migrating the web app to AWS cloud 10 min
Building Data Pipelines - Part 1 - Docker Jun 3, 2023 A short post on using docker to deploy lambda function locally 4 min
Deploy Web Application with Docker Jun 3, 2023 A short guide on how to deploy a flask application using docker 7 min
Getting started with Terraform Jun 2, 2023 An introductory post on getting started with Terraform in Mac and Ubuntu and spin up a docker nginx container 7 min
Getting started with S3 using boto3 Apr 27, 2023 An introduction to S3 with boto3 AWS python SDK 6 min
Setup Skim PDF reader with VimTeX in Mac OS Feb 6, 2023 A short post to setup Skim pdf reader with Vimtex plugin in Mac OS. 4 min
Using json_normalize Pandas function Sep 24, 2022 A tutorial with examples on flattening JSON object using json_normalize pandas function 15 min
Manage dotfiles with GNU Stow Jan 9, 2022 A guide to manage all the dotfiles. 4 min
Setting up Kaggle on Linux/Mac Sep 18, 2021 A guide to setup Kaggle API on Linux/Mac. 3 min
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Project Description
Capture Change data using Debezium and Kafka A data pipeline that looks for changes and streams it through Kafka downstream for analytics.
Grocery Unit Sale Predictor - a MLOPS project An end-to-end ML project that designs and manages a ML model production workflow.
Autonomous driving framework - a DL project An end-to-end autonomous driving neural network ML model using simpler CNN architecture.
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